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What does Sunday lunch mean to you?

A fun filled feast and family occasion?Or Empty plate?  Empty social life?

Sunday lunchEmpty plate


Traditionally in Britain, Sunday lunch is a large family meal served in the middle of the day on Sunday, featuring roast meat (although clearly that can and is often adapted to cater to vegetarian or other food preference)s.

On Sundays throughout the UK, pubs and restaurants are packed full for the roast dinner – some even serve the meal on other days of the week such is its popularity. But for many, cooking and serving Sunday lunch at home is the very heart of British food and cooking.  It is the time for families or friends to get together and share great food.  Whatever your culinary preferences, the heart of the tradition lies in the social aspect of Sunday lunch.

However, for some, Sunday lunch does not feature in their lives due to poverty, time pressures, lack of culinary skills, cultural differences or loneliness.

If you know someone who would love to be reconnected into a group of people and who would benefit from lunch on Sunday Lunch Project Logoa Sunday, then please consider taking them along to the Sunday Lunch Project which offers a free cooked meal in two different locations.  Or perhaps you would like to join in and try out the Sunday Lunch Project.  It is FREE.

The initiative comes from a Southampton charity entirely run by volunteers, who provide a free hot lunch and space to socialise each Sunday with a warm welcome to all.

Lunches are served from two city locations (Freemantle and Woolston) every week of the year on a ‘no questions asked’ basis. The project was initiated in 1990 by Carol Cunio who was concerned that although other organisations provided meals Monday to Friday, it can be very difficult for those who have no place to go or facilities to cook a meal on a Sunday. Others are simply lonely and appreciate the chance to eat in company. Every week they serve about 120 appetising and healthy meals.

They operate independently from any church or other organisation.

mailto:info@southamptonsundaylunch.org.uk http://www.facebook.com/southamptonsundaylunchproject http://www.facebook.com/southamptonsundaylunchproject


Locations and contact details below:

Freemantle Centre Sundays 11.30 – 1.30 Freemantle URC Church 257 Shirley Road SO15 3HS (Entrance is by door to right of church)

Woolston Centre 10.00 – 1.00 St Marks Institute Victoria Road Woolston SO19 9DY (In the basement hall, entrance via red door and down steps between Salvation Army shop and Quicksilver arcade)