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The Mind Mate App: FREE tools and entertainment for Alzheimers patients


The MindMate Apps are not your ordinary Alzheimer’s or Dementia Apps. MindMate is like a friend and guardian angel – Always ready to help and always happy to entertain.

Our platform consists out of three different Apps. One for the individual living with dementia, one for (family) caregivers and one especially designed for residential care. Even more important, MindMate is already making a big difference in the life of thousands of people worldwide. 

MindMate – Making people living with Dementia more independent. 


Games – Stimulate grey matter.

The MindMate-App provides 8 fun and interactive Games to stimulate user’s cognitive abilities based on world-leading research and in consultation with University of Glasgow’s Geriatric medicine department. As a result, the individual living with Dementia will find an engaging and interactive way to stimulate brain activities.  

My Life – Safe your memories. 

Let people access all the personal information they need in our “Getting to know me” section. This is especially helpful, when a person with dementia has to leave their home and go to an hospital or care home. Aim: Help the carer or GP understand who the person is.

Tools – A helping hand 

For those users who already live with an early stage of dementia, the MindMate-App provides a unique everyday-tools package. This package contains list-making applications, a “My Story” timeline tool, and helpful, customisable reminders. MindMate’s aim: Helping individuals to stay independent as long as possible!  

My Wellbeing – The whole package

The MindMate-App also provides physical exercises and nutrition advice for a healthier lifestyle to stay mentally as well as physically fit. And brand-new: We now have MUSIC in our Alzheimer’s app. Listen & dance together with your loved-one to classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.


What does MindMate do?

With MindMate, we want to empower those who feel powerless – people who live with dementia as well as family-members and carers alike.

Our aim is to: 

  • Improve the self-management skills of those who live with dementia;
  • Support the person with dementia as well as the carer in his/her everyday life; and
  • Increase the quality of live for patients as well as carers. 

Have a look on our “The MindMate-App page” to gain more insights.

How much is the app?

£0.00 – our app is available for free in the Apple App Store

Why are you doing this?

Below, you see a picture of our Co-Founder Rogelio with his grandfather Francisco. Francisco was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago and Rogelio cared with his mom, dad and grandmother for his grandfather until he passed away recently. Having experienced what Alzheimer’s does to the whole family, he wanted to come up with a digital friend, who can assist and empower those who are living with any form of dementia and their families. 

Whats the science behind it?

We are all recent university graduates. Therefore, it doesn’t feel right to say that we are experts in the field of dementia. Rogelio cared approximately 7,000 hours for his grandfather with dementia and can be seen as an experienced person, when it comes to the needs of dementia patients. Patrick worked full-time in an elderly care home for six months and also cared for people with dementia and got in this job a lot of insights. Gabriela’s father is a professional carer in an elderly care home, which gives us even more insights especially in the elderly care sector; and Susanne’s father was a doctor, which gave us some specific medical input.

As we know that this is not enough, also to ensure the quality of the app, we have a board of advisors, consisting of the Glasgow University Geriatric Medicine Department, a clinical psychologist, a private physiotherapist, a sport scientist and a qualified nutritionist. All our advisors have a special interest and research background in dementia and therefore keep the quality of our work up. 

As we know that the best thing to do is to test our app in a study, we are currently in talks with a leading digital health organisation to conduct an impact study with us, to guarantee you the best quality user experience with the MindMate App.

Can I email you, if I have a technical problem or support issues?

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us via this link and we hope to help you as soon as possible.

When are you going to make the app also available for iPhones and Android Devices?

Currently, we work on making the iPad version of the App as solid as possible. After we achieved on this platform the ultimate user experience, we will consider iPhones and Android Devices, to provide you with a high quality assistance app.

How can I get answer to questions that are not in the FAQ? 

If you have a question, which is not answered in the FAQ, then we are happy to answer your queries via email. Contact us here: info@mindmate-app.com