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The Care Act 2014

Wednesday 1st April 2015 marks the day that The Care Act 2014 comes into effect, with some elements coming into effect on 1st April 2016. This act details the responsibilities of the local council to support those in need of care as well as their carers. This is the very first time carers have been given rights alongside that of the person they care for.

One of the main area of impact for carers is the local council’s responsibility to carry out Carers’ Assessments for anyone who is in a caring role. The right to have a Carer’s Assessment is now available to all carers, regardless of the amount of time they spend supporting a family member or friend, or the type of support they provide. This assessment is designed to find out what impact the caring role has on the carer and can be done to support a carer to ensure their health and wellbeing is maintained whilst they are caring for a loved one. This may include a focus on what they wish to accomplish in their own lives such as employment, study or hobbies and interests, whether they wish, or are able, to continue caring and the impact of their caring role on their day-to-day lives.

If, at the end of the assessment, it is deemed that the carer is eligible for support then they will receive a support plan which details their support needs and a possible contribution from the local authority towards achieving the outcomes discussed to support the carers’ health and wellbeing. This may also incorporate a plan to engage with existing support and activities at a local or national level.

At Carers in Southampton we see this new legislation as a great opportunity for carers to get the support they deserve and present to the realities of caring at a local and national level. If you think that you would benefit from a Carers’ Assessment from Southampton County Council to discuss your needs and role as a carer then please get in touch with Carers in Southampton.

There is a lot of fantastic information available on The Care Act 2014. This list of links, and our own Carers in Southampton Factsheet, provide further information. If you have any questions surrounding this new legislation please get in touch with Carers in Southampton.

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