On the Noticeboard

Relocation of Community Paediatric Services

The attached leaflet concerns the relocation of Solent NHS Trust’s Community Paediatric Services from Wordsworth House to a new centre at the Western Community Hospital Campus site, William Macleod Way, Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 4XE.
Solent NHS Trust provides a range of Child and Family Services is Southampton, as part of these services the Trust’s Child and Family Services Directorate is commissioned to provide specialist multi-professional assessments and therapeutic interventions from Wordsworth House.
The Trust has to vacate the Wordsworth House site by end of this financial year, March 2016.
This opens up opportunities for Solent NHS Trust to consider options that will result in even better services and care for children, their families and carers.
The plan is to relocate the services to the Western Community Hospital Campus.
The Trust will make improvements to this centre to ensure the building is fit for purpose and a place where children can receive the best possible care.
They firmly believe children, their families and carers will see a number of benefits as a result of this service relocation.
There will be full disabled access and children will be seen in a modern, fit for purpose environment with specialist facilities and access to our integrated specialist teams.
You can read more about the moves and our new facilities in the attached leaflet. A poster is also attached; please circulate this information to your colleagues and partners. Information has also been placed on our website
Solent NHS have been engaging with parents and carers on the move, and would also value your views on questions including the following:
1. What do you like about the way services are delivered at Wordsworth House?
2. What improvements do you think could be made to make the experience of children receiving care at Wordsworth House and their parents and carers even better at our new centre?
3. What are the top three things that made attending appointments a good experience for children and their parents and carers?
4. What facilities do you think need to be included in our new centre?
You can respond online at
https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/wordsworthhousechanges, in writing to Aileen Witcher, Adelaide Health Centre, William Macleod Way, Millbrook, Southampton SO16 4XE, by telephoning 023 8053 8767or by emailing aileen.witcher@solent.nhs.uk
The user engagement on the move will finish on Friday, January 22, 2016.