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Lighthouse – integration help and advice for UK based Eastern Europeans


Advice and help for all East Europeans in the United Kingdom to properly integrate with the British system whilst at the same time retaining their own culture.


Moving to another country can be scary and daunting. At Lighthouse we are here to help make that transition of moving to the United Kingdom easier by providing useful advice and help.

• Need help talking to your local City Council about any subject?

• Need help talking to Social Services or the Police?

• Need help completing any claim forms or important letters?

• Do you have problems with your landlord or agent?

• Do you have problems finding better accommodation?

• Do you have problems finding the right school for your children?

If you wish to make contact with ourselves for any reason then please first do so by email and we will always respond by email. The need may arise for us to speak to you by phone or SKYPE so would you be good enough to include your details in your first email.

NB This is not a legal advocacy service.

Contact information:

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Only call back service available


Everyday 9:00-17:00

They will email you back with our answer or if we think it necessary we will telephone you at the preferred time on your application form.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lighthouselightingtheway?fref=ts

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mojesouthampton