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Free Wi-Fi rolls out across Southampton

Free Wi-Fi rolls out across Southampton

Getting online while out and about in Southampton has never been easier now that SCC have teamed up with Arqiva to provide a free Wi-Fi network in key areas of the city.

The Wi-Fi offers thirty minutes of free internet access to local residents, visitors and businesses and can be accessed in the following areas:

  • East Street – between High Street and Queensway
    · Portswood Road – between St Denys and Brookvale Roads
    · London Road – between Belleview Road and Waterloo Terrace
    · Shirley Road / Shirley High Street – between Anglesea Road and Malmesbury Road
    · Above Bar – between Commercial Road and Civic Centre Road

To access the service, users will need to stay within the designated areas, where they will pick up the ‘SCC Free Wi-Fi’ signal. As well as the free half-hour service, there is also the option to sign up to 24 hours of access at the cost of £5 per day.