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Roundabout Crafting Club


Are you interested in sewing or knitting? Why not join in our crafting club at the café! Interested in sewing, knitting or crochet we have the group for you at the café for anyone who is having trouble or enjoy a chat when crafting.

1pm - 3pm

At Round About Cafe Westfield Corner Southampton SO18 2LE

Westfield Corner Southampton SO18 2LE. You can find us sat between our friendly neighbours on the cosy curve next to the Wide Lane Round About (hence the name). Getting to us Walk - stretch your legs and come and see us (great exercise with a nice reward of a drink and a tasty snack at the end). Bike – you can lock your bike against our bike railings. Buses – we’re on Velvet’s Bus Route A which stops pretty close by at Octavia Road Parking – we don’t have any parking - there is some street parking nearby.

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