Carer Friendly Company

Any business in Southampton can sign up to our Carer Friendly Company campaign.  It is a completely free resource .

Our Carer Friendly Company charter is structured to encourage company/business colleagues to review if they could be carer friendly.

The key principles of the charter are:

  • Have a pro-active approach to unpaid carers and aspire to create an environment in which their needs are met within the boundaries identified by the company.
  • Develop procedures to inform unpaid carers of external support services available to them.
  • Take a pro-active approach in identifying carers within a company workforce and include generic policies and/or procedures protecting the rights of unpaid carers.

Below are some videos we have prepared, to show you what being a Carer Friendly Company might look like in practice, and how you can become one.

Video for Employees

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Video for Carers

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Video for Business Owners

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To view our charter please click Carer Friendly Company Charter